Wish List


Dog Wish List

·        Hot Dogs (for training)

·        Retriever Sticks/Rawhides

·        Mounds- Dog Power All Life Stage

·        Kong tennis balls

·        Heavy Duty Dog Toy Ropes

·        Premier Easy Walk Harnesses

·        Collars for medium size dogs

·        Soft Treats

·        Canned Dog Food

·        Extreme Kongs for larger dogs

·        Ultimage Frisbee by Kong

·        8' or longer, 1" wide leashes

·        Interactive toys for dogs

·        Peanut Butter (huge need!)**

·        Please no stuffed toys - we have an overstock



Cat Wish List

·        Canned Kitten and Cat Food (Pate)

·        Kitten Milk Replacer

·        Mounds – PurrFect Cat food

·        Royal Canin Baby Bites

·        Feather Toys  & “squeaky mice on play wands

·        Pestelle Cat Litter w/baking soda



General Shelter Wish List

      ·    Flashlights

·        AA Batteries

·        8x11 Lined Paper Pads 

·        Postage Stamps

·        Laundry Detergent**

·        Paper Towels**

·        Dawn Dish Detergent**

·        Clorox Disinfectant Wipes**

·        Clorox Bleach**

·        Hand Sanitizer

·        Kleenex/Tissues

·        Scrubbing  Pads



Items We Cannot Take
While we appreciate all donations, we cannot accept the following items as we are unable to sanitize or cannot use them in our facility:

·        Plastic food/water dishes

·        Carpets/rugs with rubber backing 

·        Any blanket with stuffing 

·        Sheets and pillowcases 

·        Human pillows 

·        Rags and clothes 

·        Open dog/cat food 

Other Notes  

•For those of you who shop online, GCHS has a wish list on Amazon.


•If you wish to donate aluminum cans, we have an account set up at Behr Recycling Center. Simply take your cans in and let them know that you wish to donate them to GCHS. Our account will be credited  OR   you may bring them to the shelter. 



Thank you to everyone who helps keep the shelter well stocked! We appreciate your donations! 






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